Background credit to: http://jonvilma.com

Time Travel You - LLSIF

Hi all! Here are some helpful (I hope!) resources for any of you making the Time Travelers Aqours set from Love Live School Idol Festival!


General info on how I made it (feel free to email/message me questions if anything isn't clear! This was just what I put together for judging for NDK 2017, not a full tutorial!)


Illustrator (.ai) files of all of the things I cut out of vinyl (skirt petals, bodice designs, etc)


And PNG files of the same stuff (there's more in this folder because I split them up into cut-able objects) Side note about these, for some reason when I imported them to my vinyl cutting software, they all appeared twice as big as I originally made them. I don't know if this will happen in other softwares, but if it looks huge, try scaling it down 50%


Good luck everyone! Please send me pictures/credit me if this does become helpful for you! I'd love to see your projects!1